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Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Graham Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Chester Graham 
Your Modesto Chiropractor


November 11, 2022

I had a sore back from a car accident I was involved in. 

I was referred to Dr. Graham from a friends chiropractor from out of town. 

I have been improving since day one of my visit. Pain has lessened and I have better improvement with less pain.

I have extreme anxiety at doctor offices, but Dr. Graham and staff are extremely professional,

and made me feel so comfortable, even through my anxiousness.

Thank you Dr. Graham's office, I appreciate everything!


November 14, 2022

I was in a auto accident in August 2022, which lead to my neck pain, 

mid/lower back discomfort, popping in neck area, and trouble sleeping. 

I was referred to Dr. Graham's office by my attorney. He was highly recommended.

I felt better since beginning treatment with Dr. Graham. 

I have better sleep, less pain and discomfort in area mentioned above. 

I find myself more active and not taking pain pills as much as i used to.

The pain in my lower back has subsided, 

all thanks to Dr. Graham!


October 3rd, 2022

I'm 67 that had sciatic when walking, tightness in back and neck,

and balance is off while walking.

11 years ago, I had DRX treatment at another office and it worked.

Until the last 2 years, my symptoms were increasing.

I found Dr. Graham's office and decided to return

 to the DRX machine and follow his recommended treatment plan for me.

I see him 3x a week for treatment and I feel fantastic 75-80% improvement. 

I now have no sciatic while walking, my neck has 90% improved, 

my mobility in my back is terrific, and I'm walking so much straighter.

"The staff are wonderful and very accommodating. Thank you guys so much!"


August 9th, 2022

Dr. Graham has helped me and my family with mobility strength, physical training,

 dietary improvement and support for a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Graham and his staff offer the best service and care to their patients.

My family and I have learned healthy habits that have stayed with us and keeping us feeling good. 

Thank you for changing our life for the better, Dr. Graham!


October 3rd, 2022

When I arrived at Dr. Graham's office I felt back pain and walked with 

horrible posture due to an auto accident I was involved in. 

My attorney referred me to Dr. Graham's office for my case. 

I'm happy they did. This office makes me feel at ease. 

The staff is very welcoming and professional. 

From when I first came to the office my mobility was really bad.

Now I feel really good and am finally able to get back to my hobbies.

"Thank you, Dr. Graham, Taylor, and Desiree. My god bless you all how he has blessed me."


September 9th, 2022

I started treatment with Dr. Graham for my arthritis in my lower back.

I chose this office because they were quick to answer my call 

and had immediate availability to see me in my moment of pain.

I feel a 1000 times better after continuous visits at this office! 

I still have pain but it's much more bearable.

I am able to complete everyday tasks much easier and can continue 

with my workouts, something that is very important to me.

Thank You For Everything!

Jared Ramirez


October 10th, 2022

My goal was to get help for my scoliosis.

My friend's mom told my mom about Dr. Graham's office.

I feel better knowing that i'm treating my scoliosis and feel less discomfort while at school.

My mom noticed that my posture is improving. 

We Thank You,  Dr. Graham.

Jasmine Gonzales


October 10th, 2022

My problem was neck pain and lower back pain due to a previous car accident . 

I had tightness in my back/neck and my goal was to decrease some of that pain.

I was recommended this office from good feedback from people that went here.

Now, my back feels loose and not tight anymore as well as my neck.

Thank you so much, Dr. Graham.

Romero Family


August 19th, 2022

Our family was involved in a auto accident, resulting all of us to have severe back pain.

We were recommended by our attorney that believes in Dr. Graham's treatment and goals for his patients.

We completed our treatment plan, the results, left us feeling so much better and able to be a happy pain free family. 

Thank you Dr. Graham, For Taking Care Of Us.

Ben Fernandez


October 3rd, 2022

I chose Dr. Graham's office because I was in auto accident and his office stuck out to me because he is local. 

After the accident i was experiencing pain on my right knee and I wanted relief. 

My knee is almost pain free and i'm happy with how much it has improved.

I highly recommend this office. The office staff is very welcoming and I always enjoy going in for my appointments.

Dr. Graham, Thank you.

Emily Barrita


October 3rd, 2022

I injured my ankle from dance practice, my goal was to be able to perform for homecoming.

My dad has been coming here for his back issues and recommended to come to Dr. Graham.

To treat my ankle, staff performs cold laser therapy to increase healing time. 

I had several laser treatments and the results are what I hoped for.

I felt well enough to dance for homecoming and my ankle pain is almost gone!

Thank you Dr. Graham.

Wilson Family


August 12th, 2022

Our family was involved in a car accident, all of us was experiencing pain after the accident.

We were recommended by Yvette Adams from Bixby & Aguiar Attorney at Law, to receive care from Dr. Graham.

We've all seen improvements in our affected areas and overall we have less pain throughout the day.

Dr. Graham and staff walked us through the whole process and took care of us. I highly recommend.

Dr. Graham, Thank You.

Scott Hickens


August 8th, 2022

I had disabling lower back pain that caused my inability to stand, walk or do much of anything difficult.

I was referred by my girlfriend because Dr. Graham was successful at helping her back issue. She was right! I feel great after a few weeks and the staff was super helpful explaining things to me. 

I now go about my day so much easier and the movement in my back has increased, 

thanks to Dr. Graham.


August 22nd, 2022

I started coming to Dr. Graham's office 20 years ago due to an neck injury that resulted after a bungee jumping experience. 

With a consistent chiropractic treatment plan, over time I regained full mobility in my neck!

Later on due to age, I developed frozen shoulder. I sought chiropractic care and physical therapy and now my shoulder is back to feeling normal!

In the beginning I was worried about getting my neck adjusted, thinking I was going to end up in the hospital after!

I assure you that there is no need to worry and that you are in great hands under Graham's care.

 I continued to receive treatment once a month to maintain good health. The benefits I receive is better sleep and able to workout without feeling pain.

Thank you Dr. Graham


July 27th, 2022

I was hit by a drunk driver in 1985 cause me to have lower back issues and degenerated disc. 

That's when I began to see Dr. Graham where I met him 30 years ago at a Gym he owned on Prescott. 

Five years ago, I was diagnosed parkinson's disease causing stiffness and my body to shake.

I been seeing Dr. Graham everyday for an adjustment, without adjustments it's hard to function throughout the day.

Every time I leave this office I feel like a completely different person, my mind is clearer, and the shakes are controlled

all thanks to Dr. Graham.


August 22nd, 2022

I first came across Dr. Graham office online, I saw his online reviews and they were very positive so I decided to give him a try.

I'm glad I did! Prior to seeing him I was dealing with consistent lower and mid back discomfort. 

After successive treatments my back pain has significantly improved!

Thank you Dr. Graham and Staff!


August 9th, 2022

My initial problem is my lower back discomfort and my soreness in my knee. 

I have been a patient with Dr. Graham for 8 years. Whenever I need my issues addressed and discomfort relieved, Dr Graham is who I run to.

I continue to feel better, the office has a very positive vibe which always improves my mood no matter what the day brings.

Thank You Dr. Graham For Your Help!

Erika Espinosa


August 9th, 2022

I was referred to Dr. Graham by my dad, who is a patient of his receiving chiropractic care and also has completed the function medicine program.

I was experiencing constant lower back discomfort as well, seeing Graham has help me get back doing my daily activities without needing constant relief. 

Thank You Dr. Graham!

Kenny Noack


August 27th, 2022

Before i started treatment with Dr. Graham, I discovered I had 2 vertebrae in my neck that was compressing on my spinal cord.

Which lead to my main complaint of constant tightness and aching in my upper back.

 I was referred by Dr. Graham by another chiropractor that sees the benefits of Graham's care that he provides for his patients.

I feel so much relief on my neck and upper back and continuing to receive chiropractic care has increased my strength in the gym.

Thank You, Dr. Graham.


August 26th, 2022

I had sharp pain and stiffness in my lower back and i needed relief.

I then looked online and Dr. Graham had the best reviews and his office is in a great location.

I look forward treatment and very satisfied with the results! 

I noticed I have better posture and a better understanding of the importance of treatment.

Thank You For Helping Me, Dr Graham.


August 23rd, 2022

I suffered from lower back pain and couldn't move without pain.

I chose Dr. Graham's office due to the variety of services he offers, from anti-aging to general chiropractic care.

My back feels great! I can exercise without pain, more energy throughout day, and new sense of well being. 

Thank You For Everything, Dr. Graham.


August 16th, 2022

I was referred by my sister, when I began treatment with Dr. Graham it was due to my herniated disc which led me unable to walk.

The treatment plan he set for me was for me to walk again, that was the goal for the both of us.

Dr. Graham keeps me walking with alignments , without him I wouldn't be living a pain free life.

Thank you Dr. Graham, for everything.


August 3rd, 2022

The problem I had was my back pain. I have mild scoliosis and my posture throughout the day wasn't helping. 

That was the reason i went under Dr. Graham's care to fix my posture and help maintain my scoliosis.

The manager at the time, recommended Dr. graham because he was successful with solving his back issues.

I been a patient of Graham's for 3 years now, I can stand without having to hunch my back for relief and the pain is non existent.

I continue to see Dr. Graham for my scoliosis and look forward to my appointment to receive the benefits of adjustments for my everyday  life.

Thank you Dr. Graham.


August 1st, 2022

I drove ask Dr. Graham's office many times and I noticed their neon sign glowing through the window it says "Turn on the Power".

That sign led to go in and become a patient. I was experiencing lower back pain in hopes Dr. Graham could help.

That's exactly what he did, he helped change my life by learning the importance of chiropractic treatment and now having a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your help, Dr. Graham!


April 18th, 2022

I have scoliosis and my goal is to help myself with my posture along with Dr. Graham's help.

My dad used to go to Dr. Graham's office for treatment for lower back problems years ago and became highly recommended.

I feel alot better now than I did when I first started my treatment, the benefits from treatment is my posture has improved.

Thank You, Dr. Graham!

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