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Arthritis is a condition that has several symptoms, causing pain and discomfort if it is not treated effectively. Contacting Graham Chiropractic Neck and Back Wellness Center in Modesto CA to make an appointment with our chiropractor is an available option for treatment. Here is some information about arthritis including how chiropractic care can help minimize symptoms of the condition.


Common Reasons for Arthritis

There are several reasons why someone may suffer from arthritis. If you had been injured in the past, and the joints in the body did not heal entirely, arthritis is likely to occur. Some people are born with an autoimmune disease where arthritis is a symptom. Arthritis may inflict elderly people as the joints in the body tend to deteriorate as we age.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis symptoms come in many forms. Some people experience stiffening of affected areas of the body. Others may have pain. It may be difficult to move affected body parts with as much range of motion or as quickly as desired. Swelling or inflammation is likely to occur, causing pain in jointed areas. Many people find that upon awakening, symptoms are often at their worst. They may subside after moving the body around.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help Arthritis

If you are dealing with arthritis, our chiropractor may be able to help manage symptoms. Our practitioner will provide you with a checkup first to see how much discomfort you are experiencing and to check on your mobility level. Spinal adjustments can help reduce symptoms quickly. Temperature therapy, massage, and electric stimulation administration could also help in the reduction of pain and discomfort in affected areas of the body. 

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