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Meet the Team

Dr Chester Graham Chiropractor

Diplomat in American Clinical Board of Nutrition
Diplomat in American Board of Anti-Aging Physicians
Qualified Medical Examiner

  • Dr.
    Chester Graham

    My commitment to you is to do all that we can to maximize your improvement in the shortest amount of time using the tools we have available to us. You must understand that every person heals at different rates. This all can depend on your diet, nutrition, exercise level and any drugs that you are taking. This all contribute to your health and well being. Many times the very drugs that you are taking to reduce the pain and inflammation are the very thing keeping you from healing. They are in fact slowing your body's ability to digest the proper nutrients from your food. We can HELP! We have experience in the most difficult cases.

    Sincerely, In Good Health

  • Robbin Graham
    Office Manager

    Robbin Graham is dedicated to chiropractic care and has been for many years.  Robbin is responsible for all Insurance billing and claims.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to her. Robbin is an energetic power house and loves helping clients with all their needs including weight loss.

  • Desiree Acevedo
    Front Desk

    Desiree is our Front Desk Master! The one that keeps this office running smoothly by running our front desk. She greets our patients and makes them feels welcomed and comfortable. Her primary responsibilities include scheduling, insurance payment and keeping you on your road to recovery. With these tasks she is also our primary Chiropractic Assistant in our patient set up on Spinal Decompression ensuring success all around your care and patient office. 

  • Taylor Kruse
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Taylor gives tours of our office for new exciting patients! Reviews patient history prior to seeing doctor, as well as sets patients in computer for X-Ray for Dr. Graham. She uses MyoVision tools to help patient determine progress also including setting up the patient for their Report of Findings. Taylor's primary responsibility is create flawless flow of patient within treatment from entrance to exit. She sets patients up therapy room including Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, and Cold Laser Therapy.

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